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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind the TWOC website?

We are a small group of concerned people who wish to try to re-address the balance. We want to try to give the general public ANOTHER way to check if that vehicle they wish to purchase, is a stolen one or not. Its another check, another way to stop YOU making a very costly mistake. In the eyes of the law, if you purchase a stolen vehicle, there is very little that can be done for you in financial consideration. Taken WithOut Consent? Check us first and for FREE
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What can we, at the TWOC website, do for you?

We will advertise any vehicle that comes to us with a crime number, on the site, and make sure that all the web community can see it. If it is your pride and joy, we will do all we can to make everyone aware that it has been stolen and you may get it back. Once a vehicle has been registered on the site, we will send you a personalised e-mail with all the details on of your stolen vehicle, we encourage you to send this to as many people as possible, to advertise the fact your vehicle has been stolen and asking people to keep an eye out for it. If they wish to report a sighting, they can do so on the site, directly back to you or to the local police station or national crime hotline on 0800 555 111. The Crimestoppers iniative was launched in 1988, and has since received over 640,000 calls. It is totally anonymous, so call if you need to
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What can you, the general public do to help yourself?

Well, there are two ways that you can help yourselves here. One, if you have your car stolen, send us your details and we will post them on the site. Two, look at the site and make this another check on that vehicle you are going to buy, if its on here you might want to give the local police station a ring and alert them or contact the rightful owner directly
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Why should I bother posting my stolen vehicle?

Information is KING. The more information we have on any subject, the better informed we are on that subject. If you have a vehicle stolen, report it to us and let us spread the word for you. Let us try to save another citizen purchasing that stolen vehicle and being left out of pocket. Don’t become another statistic and do nothing about it, help us to help you!

What other information do we offer?

If it is vehicle related we will attempt to offer information on it. We will also link to outside sites of interest, in particular government sites that offer practical advice.  Security is obviously our main area and we will be concentrating on that 
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Why should I register even if I haven't had a vehicle stolen?

We hope that you will the more members of the public that register the better chance of making a difference, if you register on this site and be alerted by email on vehicle thefts as they are reported, daily or weekly, both locally and/or nationally. You are the key to this site’s success 
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How do I register my stolen vehicle?

To add a vehicle you must firstly register and activate your account using the email that we send.  Then you can log in and add as many vehicles as you want, you must get a crime number from your local police station and all submitted vehicles will be checked 
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What if my vehicle is recovered?

No Problem simply log on to your account and flag your advert as recovered, and it will appear on any subsequent searches as recovered
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Will people see my private details?

NO, we protect your information from users of the site, they can submit information to you but at no time will they see your information or email address
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What about hoaxes?

We do our best to filter out hoax information by forcing people to enter a valid crime no, if you are pestered by hoax information  regarding your stolen vehicle then contact ourselves and we will filter all of your responses as best as we can. However, the we are reliant on the information coming to us being correct, we cannot be held responsible for the data added to the site, we have no legal way to verify the information
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Do you use any information that I submit for any other purpose than it is intended?

Absolutely not, we may attach adverts when we contact you with information, but this is purely to finance this service.  However you can be omitted from this service whenever you want. NO data is EVER sold to third parties, we may use it to advertise goods on other companies behalves, but they will not see your data
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How do I let people know that my details on on here?

That is a simple one, just drop them a quick e-mail with the details on
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